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2020 has been a tumultuous and event-filled year that tested many investors’ fortitude. It has reinforced the importance of a disciplined investment process in the face of uncertainty. Our weight-of-the-evidence approach helped us navigate our clients through a treacherous period and take advantage of market dislocations. Being flexible and adapting as the data shifts will be as important as ever as we enter The Next Phase.

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Elections play a role in, and often add to, market volatility; however, an objective review of the historical data indicates that Washington’s perceived influence on market returns may be overstated. Also, check out our recent article: “Elections & Markets: Conventional Wisdom Often Wrong.” 

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In this clip BB&T | SunTrust Now Truist Chief Market Strategist Keith Lerner discusses why we believe we are in a bull market, weighs in on the upcoming elections, and opportunities and risk in the market.

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The Investment Advisory Group (IAG) is Truist Wealth’s centralized investment and market strategy research team, led by our Chief Investment Officer Ernest Dawal, CFA. IAG is responsible for formulating Truist Wealth’s macroeconomic and investment views as well as researching and providing due diligence services on financial solutions for our advisors and clients. Our due diligence and support help our wealth management teammates make informed investment decisions that align with clients’ long-term objectives. IAG’s in-house economists, strategists, and research analysts publish timely communications to keep clients informed of our current global macroeconomic and market expectations.

Market Perspective
Market Perspective provides timely insights into current market events and explains what the latest events might imply for your portfolio and your investment decisions. Read the latest report here.

COVID-19 Economic Data Tracker
In addition to tracking the impact of COVID-19, we have turned to a wider set of activity-based economic data series from private firms. These new data are now supplementing tried-and-true existing data and helping provide a more complete mosaic to inform our economic outlook. Read the latest report here.

Economic Commentary
Economic Commentary provides a take on the most recent U.S. economic events, indicator releases, and policy developments. These events are put into context of our projections and market views to see the practical implications of the economic moves. Read the latest report here.

Market Pulse
Market Pulse provides a view of last week’s market events. Read the latest report here.

Market Navigator
Market Navigator provides monthly market news including house views, asset-class positioning, U.S. and global economic snapshot, recurring charts for the economy, equities, fixed income, and charts addressing timely market topics. Read the latest report here.

Fixed Income Perspective
Fixed Income Perspective provides key fixed-income insights into current rates, credit trends, and a "Bottom Line" section summarizing key takeaways. Read the latest report here.

Global Perspective
Global Perspective provides a view of the latest global economy and market events. Read the latest report here.

Special Commentary
In this report, we preview Election 2020 from an objective, non-partisan viewpoint. There are undisputed historic links between economic cycles, market behavior and election outcomes. Read the latest report here.