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Annuities & Insurance

If you are setting aside money for retirement and are concerned about taxes, inflation and longevity risks, consider investing in a variable annuity. Annuities are one of the few assets that accumulate money on a tax-deferred basis and the only investments that may offer a guaranteed lifetime income option, helping to build and protect your retirement nest egg. Variable annuities also offer simplified asset allocation among multiple portfolio choices and reduce your annual tax reporting during the accumulation period. There are a wide range of options regarding when the payment of an annuity begins and how it is made, so you can tailor the annuity to your financial goals and time horizons. Features include:

  • Professional asset management
  • Diversification
  • Tax-free exchanges between investment choices
  • Tax-deferred accumulation
  • Guaranteed death benefit options for beneficiary protection
  • Multiple income alternatives, including a guaranteed income for life
  • No mandatory distributions (unless funded with tax qualified money and don’t forget that certain contracts force annuitize when client reaches certain age) 
  • Nursing home, hospitalization, and terminal illness waivers
  • Guaranteed income benefits (available on most contracts)

In addition to variable annuities, we can help you evaluate fixed, immediate, and deferred income annuities. Fixed annuities offer tax-deferred accumulation with the predictability of a guaranteed interest rate from the insurer. Immediate annuities are income contracts that pay regularly over a specified period of time or for life with income starting within 13 months. Deferred income annuities also pay regularly over a specified period of time or for life but income is deferred until some point after 13 months.

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While you may not consider insurance as part of your investment portfolio, it is a key component of your complete financial picture. Life insurance can create money for specific needs and shift the burden of a large risk to the insurance company. This ability makes life insurance one of the more unique assets available in the industry, enabling it to solve some of life's toughest financial challenges. Life insurance can help you address such concerns as: creating an estate, paying off a home mortgage, supplementing retirement income, college funding, income replacement, business protection, or offsetting estate taxation and related costs.

There are many types of insurance products and protection strategies available to you. Our insurance specialists can help you evaluate your current situation and determine whether you are adequately protecting your family's future needs. Through our affiliation with BB&T, we have access to a broad spectrum of insurance and long-term care insurance products at competitive rates.

Insurance products are not a deposit, not insured by the FDIC or any federal government agency, not bank guaranteed, and may go down in value.