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Unified Managed Account Program (UMAP) and UMAP Select

Our Unified Managed Account Program (UMAP) is a discretionary, integrated money management vehicle providing comprehensive investment management by utilizing manager models, separately managed accounts, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

UMAP employs a technique known as overlay management, making it possible to coordinate activity among the multiple investment managers in your account. This results in more tax-aware trading, simplified rebalancing and better handling of money coming into and out of your account.

Additional program characteristics include:

• Multiple investment options within a single account

• Optional automatic rebalancing

• Tax-aware trading

• Ongoing performance monitoring

• Access to high-quality money managers

• Low minimum investment of $10,000

• *Quarterly account fee

By utilizing BB&T Scott & Stringfellow's Unified Managed Account Program, you consolidate your accounts and investments. Investment strategies that previously required separate accounts may now be combined into one account.

In addition to a reduction in account paperwork, UMAP also provides you and your Financial Advisor a better sense of your overall asset allocation, which enables you to better track your progress toward your financial goals.

UMAP Select is a non-discretionary version of UMAP. The menu of investment offerings and many of the program characteristics are the same, but you maintain discretion over product and allocation changes.

To learn more about UMAP or UMAP Select and how they may differ from your current investment strategies, please contact your local BB&T Scott & Stringfellow office today.

*Note: In addition to the advisory fees associated with this program, the fees and expenses of the underlying mutual funds and exchange-traded funds still apply. For a prospectus on any of the underlying mutual funds, including information on charges and expenses, contact your Financial Advisor. For a full description of fees and services, please refer to the firm's form ADV Disclosure Documents and Investment Advisory Agreement.