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Financial Planning Strategies

Thorough and thoughtful planning is essential for meeting your financial goals. Your financial well-being represents a lifetime of effort and deserves personalized, focused investment and planning guidance. Our financial planning experts will collaborate with your Financial Advisor to craft the right plan for you. They will recommend appropriate changes to your financial affairs and investments to help you reach your long-term goals. However, even the best-laid plan is useful only if you take action. That’s why your Financial Advisor will assist you in implementing and monitoring your plan throughout your life.   Your plan should reflect your aspirations and you should expect it to change as your goals and dreams change over time.  Below are some of the more common needs that our Financial Advisors address with their clients.

Education Planning Analysis
Projects tuition expenses for the time your child is expected to attend college in order to provide estimated costs. Your Financial Advisor can help you evaluate the many tax-enhanced college savings tools available, including 529 plans and education savings accounts.

Retirement Planning
Helps you decide if your assets are sufficient to maintain a comfortable lifestyle after retirement. Estimates indicate that people can expect to live another 20 to 25 years after retirement. Will you have enough resources to support the lifestyle you desire?

Estate and Trust Planning
Protect yourself against significant estate taxes. With federal estate and gift tax rates at 40 percent, using the federal estate tax laws to your advantage is tremendously important. Planning ahead can make a world of difference to your family and other beneficiaries. A well-crafted plan assures the orderly and private transfer of your property to the beneficiaries you intend.

Please contact your Financial Advisor for more details on these planning strategies.