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Advisor Select

With our Advisor Select Program, you’ll work side by side with your Financial Advisor to identify your long-term goals and objectives. Your Financial Advisor will assist you in working towards your goals by providing objective advice and guidance specific to your investment needs and risk tolerance.

Plus, you will maintain final discretion and control over the investments recommended for your portfolio and still enjoy the many benefits of private asset management.

In an Advisor Select account, your Financial Advisor will:

  • Work closely with you to help define your investment goals

  • Recommend a targeted asset allocation and specific investments based on your investment objectives, risk profile and time horizon

  • Offer ongoing investment advice

  • Provide ongoing portfolio reviews to address potential changes to your investments and asset allocation so they may be aligned with your goals and risk tolerance

The Advisor Select account is a non-discretionary, advisory account with a minimum account size of $25,000. Rather than paying commissions or sales charges on each individual transaction, you will pay an annual asset-based fee (billed quarterly).

Before considering an Advisor Select account, you should take into consideration anticipated trade levels, account assets and advisory services provided to help determine if a fee-based account program best fits your needs. Buy and hold investment strategies may be better suited in a traditional commission-per-trade account. A BB&T Scott & Stringfellow Financial Advisor can assist you in determining which program might best suit your investment strategy.

To learn more about our Advisor Select Program and how it may differ from your current investment strategies, please contact your local BB&T Scott & Stringfellow office today.

 *Note: In addition to the advisory fees associated with this program, the fees and expenses of the underlying mutual funds and exchange-traded funds still apply. For a prospectus on any of the underlying mutual funds, including information on charges and expenses, contact your Financial Advisor. For a full description of fees and services, please refer to the firm's form ADV Disclosure Documents and Investment Advisory Agreement.