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With the markets changing continuously shouldn’t your life change with them?

With our EMPOWER program, we will work with you to create a plan for your life based on how you see it today, which will be redesigned constantly as your reach milestones and achieve your life goals. 

EMPOWER is an advising process that is ongoing and based wholly on your life and dreams. It will always see your investments through the lens of your goals and priorities.




By using the EMPOWER process, you will begin to see how your decisions affect each area of your overall life. Most importantly, EMPOWER can help you see the tradeoffs between conflicting priorities and give you information you need to establish a balance.

Your investing decisions should be driven by your life goals, not the other way around. You are in control of your life and investment decisions. Let us EMPOWER you to make better decisions, ones that start with a clear understanding of how your investments fit into your overall life plan.

To learn more about EMPOWER and how it may differ from your current investment strategies, please contact your local BB&T Scott & Stringfellow office today.