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Asset Management Account

At BB&T Scott & Stringfellow, our goal is to help you optimize your resources. Through our affiliation with BB&T Corporation – one of the nation’s leading financial institutions – we provide convenient access to products and services that help you extend the scope and impact of your investment strategy.

One example is the BB&T Scott & Stringfellow Asset Management Account (AMA). With it you can easily link your investments to a full-service BB&T checking account. This lets you maintain sufficient funds in checking to meet your cash flow needs, while maintaining the excess in a liquid sweep option where it can potentially earn a higher rate of return. You decide how to structure the AMA to best meet your needs.

By utilizing the BB&T Scott & Stringfellow AMA, you will have flexible options for “sweeping funds” including:

  • Automated Threshold Sweep – You designate a minimum and maximum amount of cash to remain in your checking account. Funds will automatically flow back and forth to maintain those thresholds.
  • Automated Zero Balance Sweep – All available cash in your checking account will automatically flow into your designated sweep option each night. Funds flow back into checking as needed to cover checks, debit card purchases and other withdrawals.
  • Self-Directed Sweep – You determine when to transfer cash between your checking account and your brokerage-designated sweep option.

It’s easy to access and transfer funds from your checking or brokerage account online, through your mobile device, via a BB&T 24 ATM using your BB&T Scott & Stringfellow AMA Check Card or by calling BB&T Phone24.

You Benefit from Premium Banking Services
Your BB&T Scott & Stringfellow AMA also features high-value checking and banking services, including:

  • BB&T Visa® Check Card with enhanced daily spending limits, increased daily ATM withdrawals, BB&T Zero Liability Protection and free replacement cards
  • Free online banking and bill payment through BB&T OnLine®
  • Eight no BB&T-fee transactions from non-BB&T ATMs and eight surcharge rebates per month
  • Free money orders and official checks (one per month)
  • Tiered interest rates
  • And more…

The BB&T Scott & Stringfellow AMA makes it easy to keep your money working for you around the clock and easy to monitor it around the world. And we make it easy to get started. The minimum opening deposit is $25,000 in any combination of cash, BB&T Scott & Stringfellow brokerage accounts and BB&T deposit accounts.

To learn more about the BB&T Scott & Stringfellow AMA and how to customize to your specific needs to optimize liquidity and returns, please contact your local BB&T Scott & Stringfellow office today.